McCarthy Promises Tons Of Stupid Investigations If GOP Wins House

McCarthy Promises Tons Of Stupid Investigations If GOP Wins House

Poor, sad, ineffective Qevin McCarthy is so shocking desperate to become Speaker of the House of Representatives that he went on the FOX News on Sunday and threatened to open “endless” investigations into Democrats and everyone fighting for democracy if he somehow manages to pull the Republicans across the finish line to retake the House of Representatives in November AND convinces his caucus to make him the Speaker (highly unlikely). His empty threats and groveling, sniveling, weak stance are becoming comedic at this point, but sadly we know that this is red meat for the base – Qanon freaks, conspiracy theorists, twitter trolls and anti-Democratic bigots and homophobes. So, this tactic is what they want to hear.

Maria Bartiromo’s voice is literally nails on a chalkboard to my ears, so my apologies in advance for this clip. But it is important to show how bonkers FOX and the right wing media continues to be. She started the clip by talking about Nancy Pelosi and Peter Schweizer and asking why Pelosi isn’t “doing any work on the COVID and it’s origins.” Schweizer is the author of Clinton Cash and Senior Editor at Large for Breitbart. No idea what this has to do with anything and McCarthy never responds to that. All he says it “it raises questions, but think about what Nancy Pelosi has done as a Speaker, she has protected China from any investigations to the origin of COVID, even though it has killed more than 900,000 Americans.” Not sure how she has done that or what her power is, but I think the China/COVID origin story has been greatly investigated.

McCarthy then rants about athletes not being able to protest at the Olympics, a bill that sends “taxpayer money to China” and then he talks about us sending “100 million to China with unlimited green card skills” saying that “this is what the Chinese army uses to bring people into America to spy on us saying they are students.”

Bartiromo takes the bait, half listening and not responding to anything McCarthy just said, by saying simply “Pretty extraordinary, I mean, we know the CCP is an adversary of the United States. What are you going to do about this? We know Peter Schweizer also reported that the Biden family accepted $31 million from the CCP, so there is a serious question of potential conflict of interest here. Are you going to investigate this should you take the House majority?”

McCarthy took the bait, jumping on the chance to puff his chest and beat his fists and PROMISE retribution, saing “When we take the majority, we will create the committee on China and it will be a bipartisan committee so you will have one American voice on how we can compete where China comes in and captures the critical minerals, when they capture our medical supply and others. We will know– we will investigate the origins of COVID.” Then he adds in investigating Merrick Garland calling parents terrorists (didn’t happen, that is totally being twisted), the Afghanistan withdrawal, suicide bombers at Bagram air base, Peter’s book (ugh), more investigations into the Biden’s and Hunter Biden, etc. Oh, and then they bring up, of course, Eric Swalwell’s innocuous photos with a Chinese spy (which have been fully investigated and he has been cleared of any wrong doing).

It’s like Groundhog Day, except every day is terrible and the people are awful and the stories are sad and nothing is ever good or fun or happy. That is the modern day Republican Party.

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