Psaki Crushes Ted Cruz' Complaints About Black Lady Justice Pick

Psaki Crushes Ted Cruz' Complaints About Black Lady Justice Pick

Kristen Welker of MSNBC used Ted Cruz’ despicable comments targeting President Biden for promising an African-American female to be nominated Supreme Court to quiz Jen Psaki on Tuesday.

It did not go well.

Cruz, who’s trying to win back MAGA voters, said Biden’s choice was “offensive” and “insulting.” I want to thank Ms. Welker for repeating and amplifying his vile remarks.

Psaki reminded the press corps that the former guy declared he would nominate a woman for the Supreme Court and nobody gave it a second thought.

“Not only were there no complaints for choosing a nominee from a specific demographic from the same corners (Republicans) but there was widespread praise of now-Justice Barrett on those grounds,” Psaki reminded everyone.

Then Biden’s White House press secretary threw Ted Cruz’s own words back in his face.

“He had no objection to Donald Trump promising he’d nominate a woman in 2020, no objection at all. ” she said. “In fact, he praised her on these grounds, the nominee, during the confirmation hearing, Sen. Cruz said, ‘I think you’re an amazing role model for little girls. What advice would you give little girls?'”

What’s got Republicans’ panties in a bunch: President Biden dared to put the word “Black” in his campaign promise to nominate a female justice to the high court.

Psaki wrapped up her answer in a bow. “After 230 years of the Supreme Court been in existence, the fact that not a single black woman has served on the Supreme Court is a failure in the process, not a failure or lack of qualified black women to serve as Supreme Court Justices.”

For the GOP, those opportunities aren’t permitted for African-American women on the high court unless they resemble a Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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