Republicans Propose Using National Guard To Enforce Virginia 'No Mask' Mandates

Republicans Propose Using National Guard To Enforce Virginia 'No Mask' Mandates

Trumpers on Real America’s Voice are furious that Gov. Youngkin’s optional mask plan for schools is being met with opposition and lawsuits by parents and school boards, so they are demanding to use the National Guard to enforce his wishes. The National Guard to enforce the mandate to not have a mandate. Catch-22 couldn’t have done any better.

Fascism and thuggery reigns supreme for Traitor Trump and his acolytes.

Steve Cortes, a former Trump campaign advisor who recently got fired from Newsmax filled in for Steve Bannon and made his Christian ‘fundamentalist’ besties proud.

What sparked this latest insanity?

A group of Virginia parents and seven Virginia school boards are suing Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) and his administration in federal court, saying optional mask wearing puts students with disabilities in danger.

What’s Steve Bannon and Co’s remedy?

To start arresting school principals and sending in the National Guard to enforce Youngkin’s “no mask mandate” policy. Mandatory no mandates.

“The tactics need to get more significant and more severe,” Cortez snarled, like the fascist he is. “It would seem to me that if they would arrest some superintendents or some principals who are forcing against the will of the people of Virginia, who voted to elect Youngkin.”

Cortes asked Wade Miller, another Christian nationalist from Citizens for Renewing America to co-sign his radical law enforcement views.

Miller agreed, “I don’t think it’s out of line at a certain point for that to be considered.”

“And if we need it, the National Guard go in and ensure kids are allowed into schools,” Miller said, upping the ante of violence and fascism.

Trump supporters believe that if a Republican issues an order, there can never be any debate, dispute, or protest.

Either you comply, no matter how immoral it is, or feel the steel from a cold, hard boot stamping down on your neck.

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