St Louis Dispatch: Cawthorn Must Prove He Didn't Aid Insurrectionists

St Louis Dispatch: Cawthorn Must Prove He Didn't Aid Insurrectionists

If Rep. Madison Cawthorn thought he was going to have an easy time getting out of his insurrection jam in North Carolina, he has another thing coming.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch torched the Congressman/grievance huckster in an editorial entitled: “Can a lawmaker uphold Constitution yet aid insurrectionists? Short answer: No.”

Cawthorn’s eligibility for re-election is being challenged for his involvement in the J6 insurrection, and North Carolina lawyers are hoping to depose Rep. Cawthorn over it.

This is getting interesting, since the North Carolina bipartisan state elections board has the power to disqualify him for another term

The editorial also said, “The challenge could form the basis for blocking former President Donald Trump from a 2024 bid as well.”

That would be appropriate. We already know Trump’s not fit for office. The former guy was twice impeached and then led a coup attempt to overthrow a free and fair election.

The crux of the lawyers’ argument is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bans anyone who engages in insurrection or has “given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” from holding civil or elective federal office. Simply put, someone sworn to uphold the Constitution cannot comply with that oath while supporting sedition.

In addition to egging on the attackers, Cawthorn told attendees at a rally weeks before to “call your congressman and feel free — you can lightly threaten them” with words like “I’m coming after you. … Everybody’s coming after you.” He later warned of “more bloodshed” to come. Under North Carolina law, the burden would be on Cawthorn to prove he did not give “aid or comfort” to insurrectionists.

It’s nice to see accurate information out in the public eye about Cawthorn, since right-wing media shields all these crack pots from any real scrutiny.

As the Post-Dispatch rightly opines, a Congressperson cannot support the US Constitution in one hand and then try to help overthrow a duly elected new president in the other.

The only just outcome should be a jail cell.

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