I am proud to be Shakib’s wife: Shishir

I am proud to be Shakib’s wife: Shishir

Umme Ahmed Shishir, wife of world-class all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, has arrived in Bangladesh after more than two years. Corona returned to the country after such a long time. There have been two children in between. He talked to the journalists about how the day is going.

On Friday (February 11), Shishir visited the office of Monarch Mark, Shakib’s new online business. There he was asked if he missed Shakib? Because, because of the game, the world’s best all-rounder has to be busy almost all the year round. Shishir, on the other hand, is now settled in the United States with three children. Shakib’s eldest daughter Alaina has been admitted to a school there.

Umme Ahmed Shishir said, ‘We always miss, every day, every second, every moment. Because, kids have birthdays, any special moments; Where he (Shakib) cannot stay. For the kids … the rest doesn’t understand. But now my eldest daughter Alaina understands well and misses her father very much. We have adapted to what has happened to us. Because, we have a time, we have to be mentally tough. If it is not tough now, we will have to fall behind in many things. ‘

Shakib worked very hard for the game and his wife said, “I know he worked very hard. When he thinks I can do it, he works hard at it. It may not be seen by many. All I see is how he prepares. He doesn’t always like to be the same. It takes a lot of hard work. ‘

“As a wife, I am always proud. When you play well … that’s all there is to it. Sometimes we cry, we get very emotional. When you call at the end of the game, that thing is actually very special. ‘

Asked where he wanted to see Shakib, Shishir said, “I want to see him above all.”

Valentine’s Day is ahead. Marriage has been going on for almost a decade. How is the relationship between you now? In response, Shakib’s wife said, “Nothing has happened between us. Honestly, we see that we are so far away; Especially in his case, our bonding is stronger than ever. Feelings are stronger because of being so far away. We enjoy the times very much. At the end of the day, we’re both together, no matter what. ”

‘Whether it’s sports or business, whatever it is, we both like to make decisions together. Before anything is established, we have to come to a conclusion after talking to the two of us. Whatever we do, we do it with 100% certainty, ‘added Shishir.