TikToker Loses Job After Video Insulting Joel Osteen Goes Viral

TikToker Loses Job After Video Insulting Joel Osteen Goes Viral

Perhaps not the wisest move by the young man, to call the famous piece of shit televangelist a piece of shit to his face, and at the restaurant where he worked. But the clip has since gone viral and might end up doing some good, as a GoFundMe account has been set up with the aim of helping the truly unfortunate, something Osteen with all his preaching about Jesus doesn’t ever bother to do himself, what with his prosperity gospel idolizing greed and selfishness.

Source: San Antonio Express

The man who was fired from his job after posting a TikTok video of himself making an offensive comment toward popular televangelist Joel Osteen has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for nonprofits in Houston and Los Angeles. So far, the fundraiser has raised almost $4,600 as of Friday afternoon.

Nick Stanley posted a 16-second video of himself calling Osteen a “piece of s—” earlier this week. The restaurant server said he was fired days after the video amassed more than 6 million views. [Now over 14million.]

He said the money will go to two humanitarian organizations but does not name them on the GoFundMe page.

And how did Nick Stanley get the picture with Osteen?

Stanley said Osteen was taking photos with patrons when the TikTok user returned from break. Stanley thought to himself: “There is no way I am going to let Joel Osteen walk away and think that he’s a good guy.”

“I personally wanted to tell him how I feel, and so that’s why I calmly walked over there,” Stanley said.

In the original video, Stanley gets Osteen on camera long enough to say to the pastor: “Hey man, you know you’re a piece of s—, right?’”

Osteen laughs and walks away, which Stanley said Friday surprised him.

We here at Crooks & Liars salute you, Nick Stanley. A noble sacrifice.

The original TikTok is here.

And Nick’s response to his firing.

OMG – you surely remember the video I posted where the guy tells Joel Osteen what a POS he is? Well … the poor guy who made the video —- pic.twitter.com/ZfMH6OONZq

— ᒪᗩᑎᑕᗴ 🏳️‍🌈 (@LanceUSA70) December 9, 2021

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