Trump Admits He Got His Booster, Won't Encourage Anyone Else

Trump Admits He Got His Booster, Won't Encourage Anyone Else

During the lightly attended O’Reilly-Trump show in Dallas, the former disgraced Fox News host admitted they both got their COVID booster shots.

“Both the president and I are vaxed,” Bill said turning to Trump.

“Did you get the booster?”

Trump answered with one word,”Yes.”

O’Reilly replied, “I got it too.”

Some people in the crowd were booing and heckling the two and Trump began to wave his hands like an idiot said “don’t, don’t.”

That took all of six seconds.

Six f**king seconds. That’s how much time they both spent on trying to save people’s lives from COVID.

It’s too bad people like Traitor Trump and most of Fox News refuse to truly promote getting vaccinated and getting the booster shot. They play both sides, stoking up the anti-vax haters while making sure they’re as well-protected as they can be. They are all too happy to continually promote anti-vax propaganda.

You have to pull teeth to get confirmation on Republicans’ vaccination status, but these two play both sides.

UPDATE: See!? When New York Times access journalist Maggie Haberman asked why Trump switched the message about vaccines, this is the little love note he sent:

“Must tell the truth and very proud to have produced the three vaccines so quickly – millions of lives saved worldwide,” he wrote. No, really!

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