Woman Furious She Can't Rent A Yacht, Screams About HIPAA Laws When Recorded

Woman Furious She Can't Rent A Yacht, Screams About HIPAA Laws When Recorded

Honestly, it’s hard to tell if this is staged or not, it’s so stupid. Probably is. Either way though it is entertaining.

Source: Daily Dot

A woman has become an internet sensation after a video spread of her yelling at some yacht rental service/restaurant employee trying to explain to her that she has to reserve a yacht for rental in advance and declaring it “against my HIPAA law” when she saw that someone was recording her. The video manages to be hilarious from start to finish, kicking off with a move from the young woman taking the abuse that small-shop managers must dream of on a regular basis.

When the older woman, whose photo could be in the dictionary if they ever add the word “Karen,” demands to see the manager, the employee ducks down behind the counter, then pops back up with a “hi, how can I help you?”

Karen did not like that one bit, no she did not.

“What the f— is your problem?” she yells as the manager laughs at her.

And, well, you can watch the rest of Karen Gone Wild on the video.

Twitter made hashtag #HIPAA trend for a long time.

Can’t decide which part is funnier:

1) Employee ducking behind counter to “get the manager” and pops back up
2) “You cannot record me – that is against my HIPAA law!” pic.twitter.com/A6UcUirPtD

— Chris Strider (@stridinstrider) February 11, 2022

Every time HIPAA trends, it’s ALWAYS because somebody misunderstands it. But today’s might be the funniest example yet

— Spud Webb Space Telescope (@cwBOGUS) February 11, 2022

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