The space station will collapse in 2031

The space station will collapse in 2031

The International Space Station (ISS) will continue to operate regularly until 2030. Scientists have claimed that it will collapse in the Pacific Ocean in the year 2031.

According to a report by the US space agency NASA, there is a place called ‘Point Nemo’ in the Pacific Ocean. It is also known as the old space shuttle. A lot of old spacecraft and space debris are lying here. At the beginning of 2031, ISSO will go here.

ISS is a joint venture between the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and five European Union space agencies. It was launched into Earth orbit in 1997. It was supposed to run the activities of ISS till 2024. However, the five space agencies have agreed in principle to continue the operation of the station until 2030.

In the report, NASA said that in the future, space operations from Earth may be conducted through commercial organizations. In particular, a commercial fund will play a role in the implementation of the missions that will be conducted in orbit around the Earth.

Phil McAllister, NASA’s director of commercial space, said commercial companies were technically and financially capable of conducting missions in Earth orbit. NASA will provide all kinds of assistance to them in this regard.

In 2020, NASA entered into an agreement with Axiom Space, a Texas-based commercial company, to develop a livable module for attachment to ISS. At the same time, the company has entered into agreements with three other companies for the design of various commercial destinations in the orbit of the Earth, including the space station.