The Himalayas were four times as big as the mountains on earth

The Himalayas were four times as big as the mountains on earth

The highest mountain in the world is the Himalayas. Once upon a time there were mountains higher than the Himalayas, but not one, but two. And the size of the Himalayas was three to four times larger. Scientists have named these two mountains ‘Super Mountain’.

In a recent study, some Australian scientists have come up with ideas about the Super Mountain. The study was published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Scientists say they are three to four times larger and farther from the Himalayas. This super mountain existed on earth in prehistoric times.

Research has shown that the creation and destruction of these two giant mountains is largely responsible for the evolution of the Earth. At that time complex cells were born. This happened about 200 crore years ago. Another 541 million years ago. Scientists believe that these mountains eroded and accumulated a lot of nutrients in the sea water.

Which speeds up energy production and the evolution of ‘supercharging’. Scientists have discovered so much information by researching the minerals that are left in the mountain. Such zircon crystals are formed as a result of intense pressure inside the mountain. But even after that mountain was destroyed or wiped out, Zikron remained. Scientists have discovered the mystery of the time of the formation of the mountain by examining that zikron.