Why is Earth Day Celebrated?

Why is Earth Day Celebrated?

Why is Earth Day Celebrated? Earth Day Celebration Ideas:

Earth ranks as the third planet from the sun in the solar system and is the only one to have life. It provides all the essential required supplements for the existence and survival of living creatures. On 22nd April 1970, a group of USA executives made a network to deliver a gesture of gratitude to mother earth and work upon the planet’s recovery from pollution and other problems.

The collaboration reached millions of people joining hands together. 20 million people of the United States marched a rally to raise their voice against the environmental degradation, ignorant activities, etc., happening in society. US Senator Gaylord Nelson has been the thinking mind behind the same. This day proved much beneficial from an environmental point of view. Therefore, every year on 22nd April, this day came to recognition as International Earth Day.

Earth day demonstrates the concern and ways to deliver earth protection awareness in society. Earth Day is thus celebrated across 193 countries of the globe as a prestigious event. It is the realization of the “kind giving” of the planet for human beings and other creatures.

Why Do We Need to Celebrate Earth Day?

We exist because Earth exists. The atmosphere, climate, and conditions are favorable to human beings and other living creatures. The working ecosystems are also working due to the suitable events and the law of nature on the planet earth. Due to the growing Industrialization and other technical improvements somewhere, our actions are not in favor of the planet.

The increase in pollution and the decision for deforestation have made our world feel vulnerable. The ignorance of the atmosphere by human beings is increasing rapidly. Therefore, On 22nd April, Earth Day must be celebrated to spread awareness and educate society about their inappropriate actions that can harm the environment in the upcoming days.

Moreover, when the first earth day had celebrated, the event’s impact was huge. Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, NO plastics, avoid deforestation, and other initiatives were emerged due to the Earth Day celebration. Awareness is always the best tool to eradicate any problem for society. Hence, Earth Day provides a new perception to cross-check our deed and their impacts on the planet.

On 22nd April 2020, Earth celebrated its 50th Earth Day. The remarkable growth in the condition of the environment post-pandemic is the new vision to excel in our activities for its protection.

Happy Earth Day: We do not have a planet B

Different Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on An Individual Level Are as Follows:

Check main Earth Day celebration ideas in 2022:

Plant a tree: Trees are always a friendly and supportive gesture for the environment. As the body is for humans, the tree is for the planet. We need to protect trees as they fight global warming, and most importantly, they provide us with oxygen.
Deforestation for the building houses and complexes is never a heroic act and a good decision to be made. Cutting trees lead to a deficiency of many supplements for survival. If one is concerned about the environment, he/she should never cut an integral part of the same. So, plant a tree on Earth Day and contribute to nature’s beauty.
Avoid Water utilization: Though Earth has an abundance of water content on the surface, the ratio of drinking water to that of the entire water resource is less. We need to preserve it.
Water pollution leads to disturbances in many aquatic and marine ecosystems, which is unacceptable. Preserve water, initiate the rainwater harvesting, and others aware about the same not daily but at least on Earth Day. A drop in preservation could supplement a need for somebody else.
Spread Awareness: social media is a great platform to spread awareness these days. One can initiate a movement to save water, plants, clean beaches, and contribute to many other earth-friendly activities. When you educate the people, many hands will join and support the nature upbringing and will improve the condition.
Join the communities: There are many revolutionary communities situated that work together for environmental issues. If genuinely one is concerned about nature, join such an initiative and contribute your helping hand for the same.
Groups work together by implementing rallies, dramas, roadside awareness, and other events that spread intellectuality and gesture of kind gratitude to the environment. The live events, plantation activities, deforestation opposing events, NO vehicle days are the major activities of such communities.
Maintain Cleanliness: For keeping something fresh and regenerative, it is vital to keep it clean. The garbage spread observed at the tourist spots, beaches, mountains, and other beautiful places on earth is not acceptable to maintain its quality.
The release of chemicals in the air and water by factories is an environment-degrading act. The cleanliness and hygiene should be maintained at the home place (indoor) and outdoor premises. A proper disposal system at public places and tourist places should be accepted by the people and the governing agency over there.
Take responsibility for yourself: Make sure that you aren’t exploiting any of the resources and behaving inappropriately for nature on your behalf. Be a reliable earth organism, think wisely, and act wisely. If we look after nature, it will look after too. We, individuals, are responsible for the circumstances that will emerge due to irresponsible gestures shown towards planet earth.


Being a reliable citizen and a secure organism on Earth, we must think about our surviving land. Around 3 billion people join the events and contribute to Earth Day.

22nd April Earth Day is a revolution to bring awareness and eradicate the ignorance of planet Earth. Our change in environmental harming activity could help nature recover to its original beauty at the earliest.

Earth Day Celebrate:

The importance of resources and availability should be encouraged and be used sparingly. There are many generations to come and go. Earth needs to supply them all. For making a better place for the next generation, we must keep the quality of nature to supplement them. The initiative of Earth Day is, therefore, an idealistic move to think and implement about nature and for the nature.