Chelsea won the World Cup by beating the Brazilian club

Chelsea won the World Cup by beating the Brazilian club

Chelsea were sweating profusely to beat Brazilian club Palmeiras. After being tied at the end of the allotted time, the added extra time was also passing 1-1.

The wait for the European champions ended in 116 minutes. The goal of the club that won the Champions League and went to the Club World Cup, the goal of the World Cup is confirmed by the goal of Kai Havertz. From the best in Europe, Chelsea became the best in the world.

Romelu Lukaku’s only goal in the semi-final was won by Chelsea. In the final at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, that Lukaku took the light again. His goal in the 55th minute gave Chelsea the lead.

Earlier, the Blues did not see a goal despite dominating the first half. Coach Thomas Tuchel’s team, which went ahead with Lukaku’s goal, did not hold that lead for long. Brazilian club Palmeiras equalized from the penalty spot in the 64th minute. Despite a great fight in the allotted time, neither team saw the face of the goal. As a result, extra time is added to the game.

There were no goals in added time. As time went on, Chelsea’s anxiety also increased. In the last 116 minutes, Chelsea got a penalty for handball in the danger zone of the opponent. The ball was handed over to the team’s Champions League hero Havertz. He made no mistake to score. That confirmed Chelsea’s title.

The title of the continental tournament champions is most in the hands of the European champions. This is the ninth time a European team has won the title. The last time anyone other than Europe won the title was in 2012. The unfortunate team in the service was Chelsea. Coincidentally, the team lost to a Brazilian team.
Chelsea’s dream of becoming world champions was shattered when they lost to Seba’s Brazilian club Corinthians. Coach Thomas Tuchel’s team seems to have forgotten the sadness of losing to another Brazilian club.