3 Reasons Your Software Needs To Be Pen Tested

3 Reasons Your Software Needs To Be Pen Tested

There are so many software companies that create a software development framework before writing a code. This framework entails constant testing also. Therefore, whenever you are done with some of your codings, you must give it to developers to make sure that it is functioning flawlessly. This is going to give them the impression that they don’t require pen testing services from any company. Is it the right thing?

Yes, the company is very wrong for companies to think like this. Software Testing Companies are filled with experienced and professional testers. Their main objective is to find various errors and codes, issues and bugs for the developers to resolve. Only a limited number of bugs are discovered by the developers. On the contrary, testers are able to pinpoint a huge number of bugs that are present in the code.

Scottrade, Experian, Carbank, and Scottrade lost all the data of around 50 million users. The worldwide losses were estimated to be in billions of losses. Just 5.3% of the cyber-attacks against are successful. This is because; financial sector was filled with early adopters of cyber-security and penetration testing.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you six reasons why your software is required to be pen tested.

Avoid Consequences by Meeting Security Requirements

All the departments of information technology developing or utilizing software need to report the overall compliance and auditing requirements processes. These compliance processes incorporate GLBA, SARBANES and HIPAA. After going for the penetration testing, it presents a report that mentions various functionalities and features profaning compliance and auditing requirements. This will assist the development teams to eradicate problems to save themselves from paying any type of penalties.

Evade Security Threats

It is very easy for penetration testing companies to pinpoint loopholes that are responsible for security problems. The report generated also mentions every security threat and software health so the developers can enhance its quality. This helps to make software strong and complex to tap in.

Good Network Downtime

Encountering security loopholes, managing to prevent them and then resolving them take so much time. Therefore, the penetration testing companies assist all the software companies to define recuperation plans that would assist them to recover. These plans encompass legal activities, customer protection, retention programs and plans and IT remediation efforts. Other than this, they assist to overlook this lengthy process by putting up excellent security walls.

Other than this, there are numerous advantages, having a penetration company for your support has so many advantages. These advantages include:

        Enhanced Return on Investment
        Keep security updates
        Assist businesses to become better with enhancement in your software

Nevertheless, for all of this to happen, it is very significant for your software to become pen-testing approved.


The reality of cyber-security for the companies is that the opportunities that your organization will ultimately be hacked are very high. In this scenario, companies have two options:

        Protect their businesses via penetration testing
        To be hacked and then hire the best penetration testing companies to clear all the mess.

Penetration testing companies assist each software and app development company to look at the flaws and assist them in fixing also. These companies are just the force that is restricting the hackers from hurting customers and businesses. All software development companies finds it extremely difficult to win the war against cyber-criminal and their threats.

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