5 Beautiful Gems for Your Next Vacay in Chile

5 Beautiful Gems for Your Next Vacay in Chile

The South American nation of Chile boasts one of our planet’s single most diverse landscapes. Chile has become an increasingly popular destination for intrepid travelers. As a matter of fact, adventure seekers and nature lovers will be sure to find a truly vast array of absolutely stunning opportunities for sightseeing. Chile has it all, from lush temperate rainforests to the endless beaches on its coastline, all the way to the tall peaks of the Andes. Add to that the fact that there are plenty of absolutely superb national parks and conservation areas. If you are into trekking and hiking, you will love this place. You can also enjoy other fun stuff such as climbing and river rafting too. So without more fanfare, let us check out some of the top places you can enjoy while vacationing in Chile:

1. The Atacama Desert

“The Valley of the Moon” is also known to natives as Valle de la Luna. It is located in the Atacama Desert and its rugged landscape bears an almost eerie resemblance to the lunar surface. Some of its more interesting features include a whole bunch of dry lakebeds that are peppered with fascinating one hundred percent natural saline outcrops. This place has been host to all kinds of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on Earth.

2. Easter Island

It was back in the early 1720s that this fascinating place was discovered by Dutch explorers on Easter day (hence the ‘Easter Island’ moniker). This magnificent yet remote island is famous for its truly remarkable stone sculptures. These awesome statues are larger than life and are called ‘Moai’ by the native population. They are thought to be thousands of years old and are the last remnants of a once-thriving civilization. Even though the island is located an estimated 3500 kilometers from mainland Chile, it is still recognized as Chile’s greatest gem and tourist attraction.

3. Torres del Paine National Park

This is arguably one of Chile’s single most spectacular natural areas. It is located around 100 kilometers or so, to the north of Puerto Natales. This is a stunningly beautiful area. One which encompasses many glaciers, mountains as well as countless rivers and lakes. Hiking happens to be one of this park’s more popular activities. Its breathtaking vistas are further complemented by numerous well-marked trails. If you get tired, or if it is late at night, no need to fret because there are plenty of overnight shelters to cater to your needs. If you plan a few days out in the wild, it would be a good idea to hire a professional guide.

4. The City of Santiago

This city is not just the administrative, but also the cultural capital of the country. It is also the national entertainment center and claims the best museums and galleries in Chile. It also has excellent dining, shopping and hotel options. Many people take some time out to get to know this relatively clean crowd-free city, before heading off to the Andes or Easter Island, or any other popular tourist destination.

5. Chile’s Lake District

The Lake District of Chile is a hidden gem that stretches for over 330 KMs and resembles the Alpine region of Europe. It is a veritable haven for water sports enthusiasts, while the thick forests and snow capped mountains give it an almost fairytale air.

6. Take a Road Trip in Chile

If you really want to experience the country like a native, it is very important to rent a car and become totally independent. This way you will be able to enjoy the full flavor of this magical country while exploring every valley and village you like. However, you will need an international driving permit along with your passport, visa, and other documents before you will be able to rent a vehicle in Chile to enjoy your fascinating road trip.

Chile is truly a hidden gem in the tourist world. From snowy mountains to lush rainforests, to areas full of historical interest, this nation has it all. And since it is off the beaten track, you will be able to explore its many splendors easily enough.

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