Kellyanne Conway Claims Biden Administration Impeached Trump

Kellyanne Conway Claims Biden Administration Impeached Trump

Kellyanne Conway, who created the now infamous “alternative facts” meme to defend Trump’s many lies, told Fox News that the only bipartisan action the Biden administration is taking is on impeachment.

Huh? Trump was impeached twice by Congress.

Kellyanne Conway just can’t quit lying.

Both times Donald Trump was impeached was when his administration was in office. Not Joe Biden. Biden was a private citizen at the time.

Conway and Fox News are hyperventilating over Biden’s poll numbers so they brought on the #1 defender of the seditious ex-president to opine on a president that is trying to dig this country out of Trump’s many lies and failures; especially during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Conway said, “You realize the most bipartisan action the Biden administration has taken, the most interested they’ve been reaching out across the aisle and getting Republican votes was impeachment.”

“That tells you all you need to know. they are fueling these divisions divisions that are in this country…”

Harris Faulkner realized she was lying about the Biden administration so she cut into her monologue and focused on one of her other points.

How could the Biden administration impeach Trump?

Was sending Trump supporters to attack the US Capitol to try and overthrow the free and fail election of 2020 a bipartisan action, Kellyanne?

Liars gotta lie and Kellyanne gotta create alternative universes to defend her former boss with.

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