Serena Williams Opens Up On Preparing For Retirement

Serena Williams Opens Up On Preparing For Retirement

Retirement might not be on the horizon for Serena Williams just yet, but the tennis star has been preparing for it for the last decade or so.

In an exclusive interview with ET News, Williams has opened up on preparing for her eventual retirement.

“I am prepared for that day, I’ve been prepared for that day for over a decade,” she said.

“If you’ve seen King Richard you know that my dad always said you got to prepare, so I’ve been prepared for that.

“You know, at the end of the day, I think it’s really important to always have a plan and that’s kind of what I did. I always had a plan.”

And when that day does come and Williams calls time on her illustrious career, more kids could be on the cards.

She currently has a 4-year-old daughter, Olympia, to husband Alexis Ohanian, but retirement could see them expand their family.

“I definitely want to have more kids, it’s just like, balance is key, you know, and just trying to find that balance,” she said. “I don’t know, it’s always like, OK, are we ready?”

“And I know the clock is ticking so I’m just like OK, I need to figure out when that’s going to be, but hopefully soon when I will feel no pressure.”

Williams pulled out of the Australian Open earlier this year as she continues to regain full fitness after a spell out due to injury problems.

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