Ohio Mayor Complains That Ice Fishing Leads To Prostitution

Ohio Mayor Complains That Ice Fishing Leads To Prostitution

Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio is having himself quite a year. In September, he said a creative writing class in high school amounted to “child pornography”. And a few months after that debacle, he was still at it, with threats against the school board.

Source: Scene

In a widely circulated clip from last night’s Hudson council work session, mayor Craig Shubert appears to argue that there’s a slippery slope from allowing ice fishing to prostitution.

Confirmation of his impregnable logic can be seen on his neighbor’s face.

The council work session itself followed a special session called to consider suspending city manager Jane Howington for reasons unclear besides her opinion that council was becoming “increasingly divisive” and “seemingly focused on individual interests rather than consensus of the body.” (A tentative agreement was reached between the two sides last night.)

Hudson mayor thinks ice fishing leads to prostitution! Put your poles away boys!*

*Same guy who thinks creative writing classes are child pornography. pic.twitter.com/9N0R2tVri6

— Amanda Weinstein (@ProfWeinstein) February 9, 2022

U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel considers this lunatic a “hero” though.

This is Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio.

He’s the Patriot who told the school board that they had the choice of resigning or facing criminal charges for teaching child pornography to students.

HERO. pic.twitter.com/YbvVgHZDNr

— Josh Mandel (@JoshMandelOhio) October 19, 2021

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