Wingnut Spins Weird Pelosi Tale – But Is Refuted By Capitol Police

Wingnut Spins Weird Pelosi Tale – But Is Refuted By Capitol Police

Rep. Troy Nehls from Texas told a nodding Tucker Carlson that he believes Nancy Pelosi (Fox’s favorite bogey monster) is using the US Capitol police as her secret force to destroy him.

House Republicans are saying anything they can to pretend Trump supporters weren’t traitors and that the real criminals were the US Capitol Police.

Yesterday Rep. Gohmert claimed the DOJ was reading his mail and last night another Texas Rep. Nehls made a similar but much more outrageous claim.

Nehls has been part of the QAnon conspiracy trying to make Ashli Babbitt into a hero.

“And I believe that Nancy Pelosi is weaponizing the U.S. Capitol Police to investigate me, to try to silence me, intimidate me, and quite honestly, to destroy me,” Nehls said.

Nehls is also using an incident that happened in November, as a pretext to claim undercover Pelosi operatives were investigating his offices.

He continued, “Well, the claim is that they discovered one of my office doors wide open on a Saturday afternoon. The officer entered my office and said, you know, to check to see if anybody was there [who] shouldn’t be there and saw suspicious writings on my whiteboard, where is where I draft my legislative proposals. Couple days later, I’ve got these secret agents — secret agents from the Capitol Police — knocking on my office door, questioning my staff…”

It took Gohmert about five months to make his claims, so why the wait to scream about something that most likely never happened. What took so long Nehls? I smell collusion in the air.

Republicans never put forth any actual evidence when they make these claims.

The Washington Post reports, “U.S. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger said Tuesday that an officer conducted a security check of a Capitol Hill office that was left open, rejecting a GOP congressman’s claim that police were involved in an illegal probe last November.”

Nehls, like Gohmert, is a crackpot.

Unfortunately, they are United States Congressmen.

Wake up, Texas.

These people are liars of the worst kind. They’re an embarrassment to their districts.

No wonder Speaker Pelosi booted him off of the J6 Select Committee to investigate the Insurrection.

Something tells me he took that personally. Heh.

Rep. Nehls: The Capitol Police ILLEGALLY searched my office. Capitol Police: You left your office open, dumbass, and the night patrolman was making sure there hadn’t been a break-in. Now, you wanna explain the crazy shiat on the whiteboard he saw?

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