Episode #131: Reactions to 2022 Trend Predictions

Episode #131: Reactions to 2022 Trend Predictions

This week, we’re reacting to 2022 design trends. We’re also discussing personal pivots we’ve made the past two years, and we answer a listener’s questions about true love.

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–Vogue’s 2022 trends: shades of brown walls, plaster and lime wash walls, dual-purpose rooms, vintage and sustainable accents, leather furniture, and bold patterns and colors.

-Vogue’s list of trends that are out: open floor plans, boucle, and all white-everything.

–Apartment Therapy’s trends that are leaving in 2022: open concept homes, cheap replica, shiplap, all-white kitchens, all gray interiors, minuscule home offices, boho style, mosaic tiles, waterfall kitchen islands, and harsh metals.

–Chairish’s up-and-coming trends: antique French and Flemish tapestry, a strong marbled look, tortoise print, ornamentation, metal shades, nostalgic florals, and vintage/sustainable accents.

-Elsie’s personal predictions: traditional decor, secondhand, wallpaper, built-ins, Frame TVs, and fake fireplaces

-Elsie’s not loving trends list: postmodern, pastels, clean, minimal, modern, streamlined and LED lights.

Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess podcast. Welcome back. This week we’re reacting to the 2022 design trend forecast and they are weird this year either really surprising or super boring and hardly anything in between. You’re gonna love it. This is definitely just for fun because you know, we don’t obsess about trends too much, but we do think they’re fun to talk about. We’re also going to talk about our personal pivots that we’ve made during these past two years. Dun dun da.

Emma: Dun, Dun, Da. The whole podcast could be called just for fun, just for fun, a podcast by A Beautiful Mess.

Elsie: For sure, it’s just for fun. Okay, so storytime, Emma and I have decided to immortalize ourselves in the form of, wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Muppet Show like muppet style puppets that look like us with our hair and clothing. So I found someone on Etsy who can make these puppets. He’s been making us a blank version of two Caucasian puppets. Then I have to build the hair myself and the clothing which I’m like, kind of nervous about, I hope I can pull it off. If not, then they’ll be going in the mail to Laura’s house. One way or another we’re getting these puppets and so this is why we ordered them. Before, or was it during Christmas break or right before? I can’t remember. We were like, should we go on Tik Tok? Should we try? Should we care? Should we just like do it? It’s always like we should but we’re not going to type of vibe. But then we got this idea that if we made these Muppet puppets of ourselves, it would be really funny. So we really have bought some stock in these puppets. 

Emma: I can’t remember exactly how you brought it up to me, but you’re like I had this idea where it’s like we could share little segments of the podcast or little things from our blog, but you know, it’ll be the puppets talking. There’ll be a puppet that looks like me and looks like you and I was like, immediately I think you couldn’t tell if I liked it or not because my face was just blank, but I go, I love it. I could not love it more. Kind of a dream come true. I love puppets so much. My Instagram discover page is nail art, pasta, and puppets. That’s like what I love and it knows. Elsie was like you gotta get a leopard beanie because I feel like my puppet has to have some leopard. 

Elsie: Yeah,  don’t you guys think Emma’s puppet is all leopard all the time and then my puppet, I was thinking I would put like a little Addams Family dress on my puppet. What do you think I should do?

Emma: She should probably get new clothes every season because she’s trendy.

Elsie: Ah. 

Emma: This is how you know, we take ourselves really serious when we’re like, should we get puppets that look like us and use those for segments? I think so.

Elsie: I definitely think so. So, yeah, I think it’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be viral.

Emma: We’ll see.

Elsie: Anyway,  Okay, well, let’s start on the trends because the trends are crazy. Okay, so we did this episode last year, and it was so much fun. And okay, so let me just say a little disclaimer up here in the front because we famously love disclaimers.

Emma: We love a disclaimer.

Elsie: Total vibe. Okay, so obviously, this is just for fun, and we don’t want you to be offended or take something personally. Also, I think that some trend reports can be kind of Shamy. That’s not what we’re going for at all. For me, it’s like if you love something, and it’s either coming in as a fresh trend going out as an old trend or nowhere to be seen as not a trend, those are all fine. If you know that you love it, then keep it on your list. But I don’t know, I still just like can’t resist the episode because they’re so fun to talk about and some of these are so weird. Then some of them I feel like they’re just recycling the same stuff they said last year like there’s very boring, you’ll see. Yeah, where it’s like Oh, really? So anyway, I just think it’s fun. What I hope for the episode is that every single person listening is able to just sit there and judge along with us and go along with us. Just like do it for fun as a guilty pleasure, right?

Emma: Yeah, let’s be judgey but about home stuff and not people, let’s do!

Elsie: Okay, so I got these from several different sources. I’m going to do Vogue first. So I’m just gonna basically read their trends for 2022 list and if there’s anything in these lists that you aren’t familiar with, or you’d like to see an example, I’m going to put the links in our show notes, abeautifulmess.com/podcast for every single one of these articles. So you can look at them in more detail if you want, but I think a lot of it, you’ll kind of know. So trends for 2022. So this is what they’re saying is coming in as a fresh new trend. The first one is shades of brown, beige, medium brown, and even chocolate brown walls. What do you say to that, Emma?

Emma: I like it. I don’t know if it’s fresh and new.

Elsie: Yeah, I feel the same. Well, I think chocolate brown like dark brown, that’s pretty new. I think that beige has been happening for a while. There was the bright white phase and then more recently, I think more people have been going towards the creamier whites or even beige as just like a more cozy warm vibe. I like it. It had such a hard like, out of style at one point, you know, beige was so bad that now it’s like, it’s kind of cool. How do you feel about beige for your own home?

Emma: I like beige. I love a creamy, warm tone. I don’t have any dark chocolate brown except for like wood but I’d be into that. 

Elsie: I can accept a little bit of beige here and there. I give this one a subtle thumbs up like a noncommittal, that’s fine thumbs up. Next one is plaster and lime-washed walls. I will say I agree. I would say this is coming up for the past three years. It’s not brand new or anything. I’ve seen it a lot, you know, like the Kim Kardashian house. The very minimal, I think it goes really well with that type of aesthetic. 

Emma: Yes, I agree that or also kind of a Mediterranean or kind of that sort of Spanish style. It can go with those as well. I’ve seen it a lot for range hoods. People will kind of plaster over their kitchen hood. I think that like a nice vibe.

Elsie: Fireplace and also showers, I’ve heard that it’s about the same price as nice tile to have your shower plastered. I’m not very hot on the plaster shower but I do think that I can go there on a plastered fireplace.

Emma: Yeah, or rangehood depending on your style. But yeah, the shower I’d rather just have the nice tile personally.

Elsie: I am a tile enthusiast. Okay, the next one is dual-purpose rooms. I feel like this one is kind of like a la-da. You stole this one from last year’s list. 

Emma: These next four that are from Vogue that are on your list here, I’m like, I don’t think these are trends. These are just things that exist all the time in my opinion.  

Elsie: So dual-purpose rooms and they mean like since COVID more people you know you work in your living room or you have your guest bedroom is also an office. You figure out ways to get more out of your spaces that you’re not using every single day. The next one is vintage and sustainable accents so this is actually going to be on a lot of lists and I’m glad that people think it’s a trend to buy vintage. It’s funny to me because it’s what we’re always into all the time. If that’s a trend to you and it makes more people shop it, I think it’s great. Leather furniture which I didn’t really understand why they put that on there but I like leather furniture so.

Emma: Yeah, I feel like it’s just like one option.

Elsie: Then bold patterns and colors so this was on a lot of lists as well. A lot of people are saying big colorful rooms, big patterns, minimalist is be gone, you minimalist. Be gone you neutral rooms and everything is supposed to be like a big look. I will say like I think it’s fun to say that and I think a big look is cool. I don’t know if everyone’s gonna be doing it. I don’t know if it would be a mainstream trend. It’s like everyone will wear a clown nose. Well, someone might but is everyone? 

Emma: Maybe there’ll be a runway show that has that, us normies I don’t think so. 

Elsie: But I do think that more color is definitely a thing. I don’t think I have anything else to say about those. Should we move on to their list of what’s out? 

Emma: Yes, because I thought these were, in my opinion, spot on. 

Elsie: The first one is open floor plans, which I will say was on a lot of lists last year. But I definitely agree, it’s still a pretty big debate. I just wrote a long blog post about it, which I will link in the show notes about my own open floor plan issues, which is very different from an open kitchen. My living spaces were open to each other but I explained what made me close them off more and how people are very resistant to any kind of closing in or adding walls. For me, it was all benefits. No downsides. Okay, the next one is boucle and I saw this on a couple of lists. Do you know what boucle is? 

Emma: No.

Elsie: I have two chairs of it that were in my living room and then Laura has this sofa of it. It’s like a white fabric that kind of looks like sheepskin a little bit. That’s what it is. 

Emma: No, I still like this a lot.

Elsie: I still like it a lot, too. I think people are putting it on the list because it’s white. It gets a lot of resistance from the owners, the parents, the people who are just like generally afraid of any kind of dirt or any kind of aging. I have mine, I’ve had it for over two years. I have kids and dogs and I will attest they do get kind of dirty and you do have to wash them. But for me, it’s like still I stand by the boucle. I think it’s nice and  I wouldn’t mind if it stayed around for a lot longer.

Emma: Yeah, I think it’s a really nice texture.

Elsie: Then the next one is all white everything. I think this is especially dominant in kitchens and bathrooms and also in flips and remodels. Where people will sort of like go the bright white, but then take it like three or four steps too far. Where there’s like no contrast at all. As far as the eye can see every single surface is white. I think that that is a trend that’s cycling out. You hadn’t seen it as much it was more appealing and now that we’ve all seen it a lot, it’s less appealing for sure. I think that some more contrast, some more color in there, maybe some wood texture. I still like a lot of white but I think that all white everything is too much. 

Emma: Yeah, I agree. 

Elsie: Okay, this next one is from Architectural Digest and this one definitely gets weird. I think this is one of my favorite ones. This is definitely my favorite one. Okay, the first one is geometric grid. Are you still obsessed with the checkers trend? The checkers trend is definitely I would say is a major trend from last year so that’s why it bothers me that they’re putting it on the list for this year because I feel like it’s already a major trend. But I would say yeah still going for sure. 

Emma: I mean, I would say it’s still going.  I do think a black and white checkered floor can be very cool. I still like that for a kitchen or certain parts of the house. Yeah, I’m into it. I think it’s still a bit timeless, but I could understand someone feeling it’s on trend for now.

Elsie: There’s different ways you can do it. Like I was thinking of the more 80s vibe of checkers like you’ve seen a lot of the pastels and things like that. I think that a black and white floor can be very classic and very timeless. So you’re right, it goes in a lot of different directions. I’m actually thinking of doing a checkered floor in our kitchen remodel, but I think I would tilt it so it was like a diamond.  I think it’s very pretty and very timeless, for sure. Definitely going strong, but also definitely not a brand new trend. We’ve all seen people making their floors checkered for two years now, wouldn’t you say?

Emma: I mean, I think so. Yeah.

Elsie: The next one is green is the new neutral. Duh.

Emma: I’m like uh-huh.

Elsie: Green is definitely the new neutral and it has been for a while. So we’ll skip to the next one. Okay, the next one is really good. We love you Architectural Digest. They mention goblin core, saying things that are vintage or very in like mushrooms, snails, frogs, plants, which thumbs up, we got it. It’s definitely a thing. Okay, this next one is my favorite one. I can’t believe they’ve mentioned this. They said glass blocks are coming back into style. When they say glass blocks, they mean glass blocks, for example, like in my bathroom, my 1990s bathroom, where the shower has glass blocks to let more light in. They’re saying that that is coming back in style. In my mind, my brain is half melted from it still, I will say I firmly disagree that this is coming in style. We’ll see. I would love to be wrong because it would be hilarious, but I just can’t see it. What about you?

Emma: Yeah, I mean, I feel like if I see them in someone’s home, I don’t think like, oh, that’s awful. You need to get rid of those. I’m like, well, they’re ok. 

Elsie: What if you saw that they were putting it in this year because that’s what they’re saying? 

Emma: That’s where I would go with it is I would be like, oh, that’s surprising that that’s what you chose. I just don’t see a lot of people choosing that because it seems like a 1990’s spa vibe, which is weird. I don’t know. Yeah, I don’t know.

Elsie: A lot of people like to call the 80s and 90s trends post-modern. I think it makes it sound more classy. It’s not for me but I’m very interested if someone makes a beautiful glass block room and you see it. Everyone, please send it to me. I want to see it. I have to be the first to know because if there’s a way to do it, someone will do it and make it beautiful. It’ll be cool and interesting. The next one is books as decoration, which I love. I don’t think this is a trend that’s new at all. But I do think that it’s something that you’re never ever, ever, ever, ever gonna regret putting shelves in your home or buying more books. That’s my opinion. That’s my hill to die on. Those are the things I just keep doing them over and over and I just love them more every year that goes by.

Emma: Yeah, I agree. Been buying books from thrift stores for a long time as decorations.

Elsie: Overall, I think that that Architectural Digest list is good because it was not vanilla and I think, for the most part, I agree with it, except for the one. Okay, the next one is Apartment Therapy and this one is a little different. This list is trends that are leaving in 2022. So this is kind of like a negative Nancy one where it’s saying things like bye, these things are no longer in style. There’s so many ways to take that but let me just say that as someone who held on to millennial pink for like six years after people started saying, this is so out, this is so not cool. No one’s gonna do this color. I just like kept doing it and kept loving it more each year, do whatever you want. 

Emma: For sure. Except for these things. No just kidding,

Elsie: They’re controversial, which is fun. Okay, so the first thing they’re saying is going out is open concept homes, we already talked about that. The next one, this one was really interesting, I thought. It is cheap replicas. They’re saying we should leave behind the cheap replicas. When they say this, I’m thinking the stuff like in the target home section, the stuff that’s meant to look like a vintage this or that. There’s a vintagey style that a lot of less expensive home stores are doing right now. I do think that maybe people should focus on just buying the real thing. This really made me think about that. For example, at Target recently, I saw that they had some wicker lamps. I was like, oh, that’s so cute, like a wicker lamp.  I haven’t seen that target before always like catches my eye just because it’s like, new at Target, you know, and it’s like, a lot of people have this target. I know you don’t have a target addiction. But I know that a majority of our audience relates with me and they also have a target addiction. I don’t know. I kind of just compulsively want the newest things they have and maybe it’s just a bad habit. So I love this idea of leaving behind the cheap replicas because there are certain things like I’m definitely not going to go on a Target boycott. There are certain things that I love going there for but I do think that like there are certain homes things that when I buy them, like trendy home things, I don’t appreciate them, like two or three seasons later. That’s not good to keep buying once you realize that about yourself.

Emma: No, I agree. Yeah, I think too, I mean, maybe you’re kind of speaking to this, but a little bit kind of the impulse buy nature of it. Where it’s almost like fast fashion for your home.

Elsie: It is. That’s the perfect example. 

Emma: If you really do want that item, and you’re just finding a cheaper version, because that’s what fits your budget, well, that’s understandable. We’ve all been on a budget. But I do you think if you’re just like, oh, it’s just convenient, I am already here at Target buying groceries or like fast fashion stuff. It’s like, oh, I’m getting this ad on Instagram and I’m just, you know, it’s so cheap. It’s just kind of an impulse thing. It’s like, well, maybe that’s not the best way to shop for your closet or your home is to be a little more thoughtful. It’s not necessarily the price because I don’t want to shame anyone who’s on a tight budget. Trust me, I understand. It’s more just the impulsiveness of it I think that I fall victim to plenty of times. Yeah, it’s like, maybe think on it a little more, you’re going to love this for a long time. That’s really more what it is, I think. i don’t know.

Elsie: There’s plenty of things in my home from Amazon, Target, and Walmart that I’ve used for years that I love. That I’ll keep using for years. I think that knowing the difference like that is the difference. Is this something that I’m going to use for a minute and then be sick of or is this something that has a place long term? 

Emma: Yep. 

Elsie: The next thing on the list is shiplap. So I do think that this has been on the list for a few years now and it’s kind of a lazy one. But I will say, this is going to surprise everyone because you guys know, I don’t really like farmhouse, but I actually still do kind of like shiplap. I like it when it’s painted a color. When it’s like painted like a bold color, moody color, or black even. I think it can look really classy. I’ve noticed about shiplap that a lot of people have started using it vertically, always. And that’s like sort of like the classier way to use it now, instead of horizontally. So maybe that’s the modification or just where the trend has landed. But I personally don’t hate shiplap as much as I hate the general aesthetic of farmhouse, as like a catalog. But I think shiplap can actually be really nice and it’s a historic feature, too.

Emma: I agree. I feel the same way about shiplap. We’re about to get to talking about all white again, and another color too. But here’s what I’ll say about it kind of relates to both of those. I think if you’re like oh, I don’t know what to do with this space, I’m just going to put up shiplap or oh, I don’t know what to do with this space, I’m just going to paint everything white. It’s like, well, that’s fine but maybe that’s not the most thoughtful and thought through decor plan. Which you know, they’re both safe choices and kind of a blank canvas because shiplap to me is just like a subtle texture. It’s like you’re just wanting a little bit of something in your room and it’s a subtle one. And so I’m like, Yeah, that’s fine. It’s also pretty inexpensive. So it’s not a massive commitment as far as financially. So it’s like, okay, you know, like, I think that’s all fine. But I think if some spaces, though, are really nice with shiplap, or they are really nice with an all-white or something.  I’ve seen people take their shiplap and they’re like painting it like a dark moody color and I think that’s really vibey and fun. So it almost has a board batten feel to it as well. I think it’s like, if you’re using it in a thoughtful way that works for your space, then I still love it. But if you’re just like, oh, I’m just gonna do this shiplap because that’s what everyone does., it’s like that may not end up being the best thing for that space than because you didn’t really think it through. You just kind of looked at what everyone else was doing. 

Elsie: Yeah. The next item is all-white kitchens. They are saying all-white kitchens are out of here. So my thoughts are, I still love an all-white kitchen. I like it more if it has something else like some wood maybe like a butcher block counter. Maybe some of the cabinets are different, maybe not all the tiles white. I do think that I agree that it shouldn’t be all white. If you want it to look like an exciting Pinterest kitchen for 2022, I think I do agree, not all white. 

Emma: I would agree. I think all white is kind of just been done so much that you kind of need to do a new spin on it if you’re going to do it. It needs to have a vibe to it. It’s like wearing an all-white outfit. It’s like, well, what’s the vibe, though? You can’t just throw together white clothes from your closet and be like, oh, here we go. It’s like well, yeah, I guess they match in that they’re the same color but what’s the vibe? Are you dressed up for a wedding? Are you going to paint a room and you have this kind of like painter vibe? What are you doing with it? So I think it has to have a point of view if you’re going to do it.

Elsie: Yeah, I think it’s just time for a Pinterest deep dive if you’re planning a white kitchen and I will say like, a white kitchen is classic forever. I get it because it feels fresh and clean and I also don’t want a bold color in my kitchen. I just don’t. I think that just find what’s special and unique about your kitchen and as long as you have that do whatever colors you want.

Emma: When in doubt, just copy a Nancy Meyers kitchen as best you can.

Elsie: Oh my gosh, Nancy Meyers posted her own kitchen on her Instagram and it’s a beautiful, classic all-white kitchen. I think it’s like 20 years old, she said and it still looks perfect for now. So you know, it’s classic. Okay. The next one is all gray interiors. I think I’m just a little confused as to when all gray interiors were on trend.  Gray is probably my least favorite color in decor. I’m not into Gray. I’m definitely not into all gray.

Emma: It’s more sterile than white. So it’s just weird.

Elsie: The next one is minuscule home offices. So they’re saying that like your closet office or your like tiny office because you don’t really use it because you work at a real office, that is a thing in the past. That’s definitely a pandemic thing and I 100% agree. I think that people want to at least know that they have a plan for a good home office, even if it’s like mostly a guest room. It’s like you could easily switch it around if your priorities change. Jeremy and I talk about this quite a bit like, what will our generation carry with us for the rest of our lives now? As someone who’s parented had little toddlers through the pandemic, I will always be different about how I house shop forever. I would never buy a house ever, ever that didn’t have good office spaces. 

Emma: Yeah, because you did then you moved three months later. 

Elsie: It’s our version of the great depression. I learned a big lesson fast. I mean, for me, I have a very high priority on spaces and what they’re used for, and working from home and also kids stuff. So anyway, no more tiny home offices. I think people at least need a place where they can expand their office. 

Emma: Yeah. 

Elsie: Okay. The next one is boho style. I take offense to this in some ways. Actually, yesterday on Instagram, someone asked me they’re like, so are you not doing boho style anymore? I was like, I don’t feel like you have to choose. My wicker stuff that I love, I have a hanging wicker chair that I’ve used in four houses now, I will for sure use it in this house. I still think it’ll fit in perfectly. I think that Serena Lily is the perfect example of how classic and wicker can meet together in a perfect world and make a beautiful home. I’m not writing off boho. I mean, I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters Home too much anymore but I also like still would if I see something I like. I don’t know. 

Emma: I mean, I think it’s one of those styles you can mix it in and it’s kind of timeless in its own way. To me, I think of it as just very cozy not in a like, you know, English Library kind of way but in more of a like floor pillows kind of way. You know, like, the way that Hansel dresses from Zoolander like it’s in his warehouse. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I think of and I think that’s kind of timeless but it’s something to maybe mix in. Some people have an extreme version of it and that’s cool.

Elsie: I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t think I’m going to. I love wicker with all my heart. I would still want more wicker things in my future, not less.  Okay, the next one is mosaic tiles and this is a head-scratcher for me. I’m like, were mosaic tiles recently super in style and they’re going out like, I don’t get that. I don’t think that they were that in style before so I guess I’m not able to comment on this one. It’s like, I think they’re the same. 

Emma: If you want to bold pattern tile, you either want it or you don’t I don’t know. It’s not really. I don’t know. 

Elsie: I mean, if you are doing a historic home you should use small tile. If you’re doing a mid-century home, you should use bigger tile like, just do what is right for your home and don’t worry about the stupid list. Okay. Next one. Okay, waterfall kitchen islands. I wrote oh shit. I feel like that is like throwing punches. 

Emma: For real. 

Elsie: I’m surprised that they put that. I don’t have a strong opinion about it. I am pretty neutral on the waterfall kitchen island. What do you think?

Emma: I mean, if anyone reads this list, and they’re like, oh no, that’s going out, I better get rid of mine. You could sell it to me like I’ll buy it. So I don’t mind a slightly outdated waterfall kitchen., lovely. Sign me up. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s going out. 

Elsie: I think it either fits your kitchen or it doesn’t, right?

Emma: Yeah, it’s a vibe so it’s not for every kitchen. But yeah, if you have one, I wouldn’t get rid of it.

Elsie: The next one is, this is the last one also, harsh metals and it saying that warm patina look is more in an ultra-modern look is out. I would say yes to that. I agree that the warm patina look is definitely in for sure. I do think that as far as, the ultra-modern, it used to look so expensive, and now it’s like, maybe it doesn’t look as expensive as it used to me.

Emma: Yeah, I think it’s fine but it does feel a little outdated in a way to me. Yeah, metal is so tough though, because it’s one of those things that once you put it in your home, you’re probably not going to change it for a long time. It’s kind of weird to even think of it as much of a trend because it’s not like a rug, or curtains, you know what I mean, or even wall paint. It’s just such a different thing.

Elsie: Yeah. I think that in general, hardware trends are going in a more traditional way. Where five years ago, it was like the more modern, the better, and maybe now not so much.

Emma: Yeah, I think it is more traditional now. That’s true. 

Elsie: Okay, this is our last trend list and this is up and coming trends. These are from Cherish. The first one is antique French and Flemish tapestries. So I think what they mean by that is like tuol and wallpaper and I think for sure, yes. Like ornate traditional-looking wallpaper and textiles are for sure in style more than they were a few years ago. 100% 

Emma: Yeah, yeah. 

Elsie: There was a time like early in our blog years, where the only wallpaper people would use, is something like funny and like catchy and like modern like a little like tiger like you know what I mean? And now it’s like people will straight up use the same patterns from the early 1900s that are being reduced. So I love that. I think that’s great. The next one is marblilization. So this one, the pictures they showed was actually like a marbling look stuff. It’s not just like marble like you would see on a kitchen counter. It’s more like the effect you could get from dipping the paper in the paint, you know? You know when we made those ring dishes, one of our like old school viral DIYs, that kind of look, they’re saying is coming back. Which I think is cool if that’s true. I haven’t seen that personally. I’m not feeling that one. It’s not a prediction I would say, but I think if it did come back in a strong way, I would like it.

Emma: I could see that a little bit. I feel like that was a bit of like clothing trend from the late 90s and early 2000s. I feel like that time period is coming more in. I haven’t seen it as much in decor but yeah, I could see it.

Elsie: The next one is tortoise ornamentation, like tortoise glasses.

Emma: Like turtles? Oh, ok. 

Elsie: Like the brown and black molded plastic that you would see in glasses or a hair clip from J Crew like those kinds of things. I think, sure, I love that. I always love that. I think it’s very preppy, very classic. There’s never a time when I wouldn’t use a tortoise hair clip or something, whatever, you know. So as far as like, in my house, personally, I think maybe like a vase or something. I maybe would skip it because I would feel like maybe it was a little too leopard looking for my style. 

Emma: I mean, it doesn’t really go with my home at the moment but I would think it was cool if I saw it in someone’s house that like went with their decor. I would think it was really cool. So yeah, I think it’s kind of a timeless pattern.

Elsie: The next one is metal shades like lampshades. I’m just gonna put my hands up and say I don’t know.

Emma: I’m not into it. Yeah, I’m not into it.

Elsie: I don’t know. I mean, yeah, I’m not in the market for a metal lampshade right now.  The next one is nostalgic florals. So 100% yes. I don’t really think there’s a year when I wouldn’t like florals. I do think that a traditional floral pattern is back with a vengeance more than ever. 

Emma: Yeah, I agree. 

Elsie: Then the last one is, dun dun da, vintage. So they put vintage on their list, everyone did. I will say are so happy. I think there’s a huge part of our audience and probably just like the general population that never buys vintage things for their home. If people even add a little bit in, I think that’s cool. There’s enough for everyone. That’s something as an eBay enthusiast I will say, there’s enough out there for everyone. It is not competitive. Usually, when I bid on things, I never get outbid. It’s just not competitive at all to get all these like cool special vintage things.

Emma: Yeah, I love vintage. I don’t know, it’s great.

Elsie: I want it to be a trend. I hope that it is. Okay, so for a quick sec, let’s talk about color trends. So I will say I kind of think color trends are bullsh*t because it’s like it’s paint. I think that people worry way too much about paint. I guess six of the paint brands picked a shade of gray-green or light green, like a creamy colored green this year for their color. Green is like the overwhelming color trend. Okay, so first of all, do you wanna say anything about the green trend?

Emma: I love green. 

Elsie: That’s it. 

Emma: That’s what I would say. 

Elsie: I do think it’s so pretty. It photographs really pretty. It looks different in different lighting. It has a lot of good things about it. So the other paint color trends that I, basically I read like a whole bunch of lists, and then I just wrote down the ones like the main ones, so there was a lot of like, purple, coming through. The Pantone color of the year is purple. Then there were a lot of other brands that mentioned shades of purple. I’m really interested to see how that plays out because at this moment, I’m not like feeling a big draw to purple, but I am seeing other people do it. I don’t know, I’m just kind of, it’s a trend that I’m excited to follow, but not for myself. Then the other one is red. So a lot of people are forecasting different shades of red to be like a big thing. She’s shaking her head, no.

Emma: I don’t really like red that much. I mean, as an accent, but like too much red is a bit overwhelming at times. But I guess it depends.

Elsie: I will say I think that it looks very classy. If you want your house to be like, inspired by like the White House, then yeah. I can see a red room as like, it’s a big classy, rich lady grandma-like statement piece. Then I can see it in like the Wes Anderson way where it’s like kind of like a pinky red where it’s kind of corky. Then I can even see like the maroon, I’ve seen like a recently a maroon kitchen that was so beautiful. For me, I don’t think I’m gonna be partaking.  I was thinking about doing my little hidden closet in the Wes Anderson red. But other than that, and I’m on the fence, I’m not sure, but other than that, I don’t think I’m going to partake in the red trend, but I will love it for other people. Because you know, my number one love in life is the Home Alone house, which does have a lot of kind of peachy red walls in it. So we’re gonna do our personal predictions.

Emma: So if Green is a neutral, which I agree with, what is next, like next up to me is kind of burnt orange, or like, certain colors of brown. I guess they’re saying is like a trend for the year browns, and beige and all of that, but to me burn orange and things in that vein is going to be one of the next neutrals.

Elsie: Interesting. I think that’s a very bold prediction. 

Emma: I could totally be wrong, but I just think it’s like a vibe that I like, and I could like it all year round. Then the only other thing was vintage and Turkish rugs. I feel like those are like, everywhere, kind of a classic. I don’t even know if it’s a trend. I just think more people are getting into it because it can work in so many different styles of homes. I feel like maybe some people were feeling resistant to it and they wanted only like new rugs, but I feel like people are becoming they’re coming around to it. So I think it’ll become more and more mainstream, kind of the vintage and Turkish style rugs. 

Elsie: I hope so. I’m such a big advocate for vintage rugs. 

Emma: It can just really, really cozy up and warm up a room, no matter what color of rug you’ve chosen. I just think it’s a good vibe.

Elsie: I totally agree.

Emma: Yeah, but that was it for me just those two things.

Elsie: Okay, well, I have a few predictions. So I am loving, the resurgence in traditional decor feels really good to me, it’s what I’m into. It’s how I’m decorating my house so, of course, I’m excited about it. I just think that for so long, modern was always considered better. There’s just been like a shift in the last couple of years and people are starting to actually think that like, maybe modern can be actually kind of boring, and maybe old can be more beautiful and more exciting. I’m really excited about that idea because I think old stuff is so cool. It deserves to be you know, our end goal, not the thing that we’re trying to cover up and change and destroy or whatever. Right? Okay. And then well, vintage is always a trend that’s gonna work for me. I love, love, love, love shopping vintage, but I will admit that there’s been years in the past where I was doing it just because to add like a little thing here and there a little thing here and there in rooms. It wasn’t like a main part of my shopping but more recently, I’ve let it be a main part of my shopping again. I started doing Facebook marketplace recently, which has been awesome. I got some really cool vintage chairs. I’ll have to show you. Anyway, I think that shopping used. If that became a trend, I think it would be so great. I want that so much. I hoped for it. I still feel like wallpaper is on its upswing of popularity, which makes me really happy because I’m a wallpaper enthusiast for sure. I will always love wallpaper but I do think that there was a time when I first started using it when people were kind of freaked out by it. Now it’s like, like on our top affiliate links of the year last year. Your nursery wallpaper was one of the top, which means that people are actually buying it now, which is so different from how it was five years ago, which is really cool. So I’m excited about that. So what I’m prioritizing in my renovations, maybe these are trends, maybe this is just what I’m interested in, you guys have seen like I’m spending all my money on built-ins, built-in city. I’m loving it. I think that they add so much character especially to a newer house that’s kind of a blank box like mine was. Now it feels like they’ve been there forever, which is like such a good feeling. I will say frame TVs have my freaking heart. I love a framed TV. I have a couple of them in my house and I think that they’re amazing and totally worth the money if anyone’s on the fence. Then fake fireplaces. I’m going full ham on my fake fireplaces.  I just want to add a fireplace anyplace I can and I’m not really worried about them being functional. I’m just gonna add like little remote candles and little twinkle lights with you know, a plugin on the wall. I just think that they’re like sort of like an all, this sounds so silly, but an alternative to a lamp. They’re just like another cozy light source that you could have. I really am hoping I can fit one into my bathroom remodel because don’t you think a fireplace and a bathtub situation is like the ultimate?

Emma: Yeah, it kind of is. Yeah, it’s cute.

Elsie: Okay, and then not loving. On my not loving list and if you’re in, disclaimer, if you’re into these trends, I love that for you and you probably hate my Home Alone wallpaper and we can still be friends. So it’s all good. A lot of people hate that wallpaper but I love it so much. Okay, postmodern so the like 80s and 90s resurgence, I’m really not in anything modern right now. I see it and I’m like thumbs up. I like it and appreciate it in someone else’s house, but it’s not something that attracts me. It’s not something that I like. I don’t want to do any of it. Nothing with it. Then I guess I’m on a break from pastels which I never thought I would say. I would still defend pink paint to my death but I think I am on a break from like the pastels on pastels on pastels of the past few years. I think I’m kind of done with that. 

Emma: Mm-hmm. 

Elsie: Then anything in the category of like clean minimal modern streamlined all of that for me is like out and for what I want is like cozy worn and textured and old. Not everything has to look brand new anymore. Then my okay, this is like my controversial opinion maybe but I hate LED lights. LED lights are ruining everything. So if someone has a trick or if I’m just doing it wrong, I tried to buy the warmest, dimmest LED lights and I still feel like they’re not warm or dim enough. I just think that the quality of the light especially on like, you know the like colorful Christmas lights, they use to have that feeling. Now when you see them on people’s houses, they’re just like, kind of a noxious overly bright glow. I know LED lights are good for the environment. I know they last longer and I want those parts of it. But someone please help me figure out how to get like a more vintagey looking bulb or like if it doesn’t exist someone please invent one. I just need help with that.

Emma: Really, I agree with most of yours.

Elsie: Really.

Emma: The only one I’d really add is, that was a trend for a long time that I’m kind of like not anymore into is too much open shelving, especially in a kitchen. I don’t mind a little bit. So we have all open shelving in our kitchen and it’s great for an Airbnb because you can find things, but it just feels very, like cluttery and a lot. Like trying to keep it organized is the whole thing. I wish it was like a half and half because I like some of it for like your pretty dishes and certain things. I really like that. I don’t want it all closed, but I feel like too much open shelving is kind of like a too open floor plan, not into it.

Elsie: I agree with that, too.  Well, I hope that was a fun episode. I had so much fun talking about trends for some reason. I like really geeked out on this, I spent like a whole day making this outline. It’s so fun like reading all the articles and everything. So, anyway, listener question. 

Emma: The listener question is, how do you test whether it’s true love or trend love? I think this question kind of hints at a thing that I think comes up in lots of ways in life, which is that you can’t predict the future. You have no idea what you will love 10 years from now, like not really. But what you can do is, think about what you’ve loved in the past and make the best decision with what you have today. Then just keep moving forward. There’s not really anything else to do. We would all like to think, oh, I can make a decision today and that’ll be it for the rest of my life. You know, maybe some things. I don’t think paint works that way so just like don’t worry about it so much. Pick what you love today. I don’t know.

Elsie: For sure. I mean, when it comes to like, let’s say something, something expensive and final like a kitchen remodel, or a leather sofa, or like, I don’t know what, like, I just designed a fireplace and that felt really expensive and really final. Just think of the next five years of your life and try it. Emma gave me this pep talk one day where she was like, if you can keep these shelves for five years without painting them, you’ve done a good job. Like, okay, I can do that. That makes it feel less scary, you know? Maybe we don’t need to think ahead until we’re like 80.

Emma: Impossible. I mean, I’ll be running my mini-golf course by the time I’m 80.

Elsie: That’s true. It’s true. It’s true. I do wonder what things in my house like there has to be something that will last until I’m 80. I want to know what those things are, like those magical pieces. Like what are they?

Emma: Yeah, that’ll be fun to see. That’ll be a podcast episode from when we’re in our 60s, things we’ve had since our 30s. 

Elsie: Oh my God, I just like love idea of podcasting in our 60s. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Okay. There’s one more thing. So this is a question. It’s from our friend Morgan and it came in on Instagram. It says still pivoting, pandemic pivots, small stuff like new habits, routines, and interest. I think that I’m still like getting these two so I liked this question.

Emma: Yes. So the thing that came to my mind is walking. So like walking became my main fitness because I stopped going to the gym, which you know, I could go now but like, I realized that like, I look forward to walking. It’s like a workout that I look forward to so I will be really consistent with it. It’s like fresh air and sunshine. I would add to that I do a lot of walking dates with friends, like going on walks with my friends, and chatting became a big part of my pandemic because it was a way to be outside but still get to chat. I love it so much. I feel like walking and especially going on a walking date with a friend sounds kind of lame until you go through a pandemic. Then all of a sudden, you’re like, this is the best thing ever. It’s like it took that to be like, oh, this isn’t lame. This is fun. So for me, it’s walking.

Elsie: I love that and it really is true. When we were in Missouri at the pink house, Emma texted me pretty much every day and asked me if I want to go on a walk or she’s like I’m on a walk right now, do you want to come or I’m gonna stop by your house. It’s so wonderful. I love it. that neighborhood is so magical. Our kids love taking walks there, too.

Emma: I love it so much. It’s my favorite thing about this area is you can walk to a little coffee shop and just like seeing all the houses, it’s just the best.

Elsie: Okay, mine, so many things have changed. One of my big ones is I go to bed really early right now.  I don’t know if I always will. It’s like a thing. It started at the beginning of the pandemic because right away, we didn’t have childcare. We were like ones, people that took our kids out of daycare for a long time, like a year. We kind of just like survived. So it was like, we would put our kids to bed pretty early, eat pretty early, go to bed pretty early, and then do it all again the next day. Now that it’s been almost two years, I’m still going to bed really early and I love it. Now I feel like I always get enough sleep, which is great. It’s a thing that you know, any other time in my life, I am sure I couldn’t have said that. It’s like, there’s really nothing that I want to do late at night anymore. I very rarely go out at night. It’s like, I’m just kind of chilling. At night I either read, or we watch our scary movies, as everyone knows, and then we go to bed. It’s just like, wonderful than you know, wake up super early and  I don’t feel like I’m in survival mode anymore. I feel like this is just our regular life now. I do feel like I’m still pivoting though and I think that, especially this last few months, I’ve entered into a new phase. I think we’re gonna continue to enter into new phases of just like, a different type of survival mode.

Emma: Thanks so much for listening. And if you have questions for us, you can write us at podcast@abeautifulmess.com. Also, you can just write us just to say hi, if you ever want and if you haven’t yet, and you’ve been a listener for a while we would love, love, love it if you would leave us a review. That is one of the ways that you can help our podcast grow. But other than that, we love you all so much, and we’ll see you next week.

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