Winter Finds from Walmart

Winter Finds from Walmart

Fall and winter are undoubtably my favorite seasons for fashion. I love layers, warm hats, coats and scarves. Today, I’m sharing a few winter outfit ideas!

This post is in partnership with Walmart Fashion and I’m sharing some of my finds from their winter fashion selection.

woman holding paper snowflakes

Emma and I grew up shopping pretty much exclusively at Walmart during our school age years and into high school. It’s kind of a funny trip for me since that was in the 1990s, and 1990s clothes are back in style now. I am definitely nostalgic for certain prints from that time period.

Items pictured above: comfy grey sweater, red floral dress, denim jacket, brown cocoon coat, green bomber jacket (this is one of my favorites!!), green hat, black floral dress and brown boots (under $50!).

Be sure to follow along on our LTK for more of our favorite finds! Thanks so much for reading! xx-Elsie

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