Don Jr.  Couldn't Call Daddy Directly To Stop Insurrection

Don Jr. Couldn't Call Daddy Directly To Stop Insurrection

Donald Trump Jr’s relationship with his father was boiled down to a Shakespearean tragedy on CNN, after Liz Cheney read some of the messages between Donald Trump Jr. and Mark Meadows during the insurrection.

CNN’s Jamie Gangel told CNN there’s plenty more messages still forthcoming and after reading a few of Junior’s messages, made this astute observation: “That’s the president’s son who did not go to his father, perhaps could not go to his father, and went to Mark Meadows. “

” You know, what’s amazing is to me the Shakespearean aspect of this really stands out,” Erin Burnett observed.

“Donald Trump Jr. yelling, but so feebly. It’s your father, right?” Burnett continued. “And you’ve got to go to Mark Meadows, who’s known the guy for a couple years when you’ve known him for 40-some odd years. There’s the Shakespearean part of it.”


It appears the only duty Don Jr is capable of is to promote his father’s coffee table book.

The Shakespearean reference is great, but it pales when we think about what Trump and his allies were doing.

A sitting U.S. president was trying to overthrow by any means possible a free and fair election that he lost.

And it looks like Junior had his telephone privileges cut off ahead of that effort.

How embarrassing for a feeble and hyperactive son!

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