Bloomberg Warns Democrats Are in for “Wipeout” in November If They Do Not Change Course

Bloomberg Warns Democrats Are in for “Wipeout” in November If They Do Not Change Course

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg cautioned Democrats that they are in for a “wipeout” in November’s midterm elections if the party does not change course.

“Coming from America’s most liberal city, those results should translate into a 7 to 8 on the Richter scale, because the three main factors that drove the recall are not unique to the Bay Area,” Bloomberg, a former Democratic presidential candidate, wrote in an op-ed, referencing the recent San Francisco recall effort that resulted in a restructuring of the school board amid dissatisfaction with the school system’s COVID-19 response.

“The school board members seemed more concerned with political correctness than educating children. Instead of reopening schools, they spent their time renaming them, stripping off the names of historic figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln before a public outcry forced them to reverse course,” he added.

“The earthquake that shook San Francisco needs to shake up our party, before voters do it themselves in November,” he concluded.

Bloomberg’s remarks come amid reports that Republicans are being underestimated in this year’s midterm cycle.

Republicans held a 59% to 39% lead over Democrats on the generic congressional ballot, according to a CNN/SSRS poll from last week.

“No matter how you measure enthusiasm, the voters who are most enthusiastic about voting this year lean Republican,” noted CNN’s Harry Enten, adding that a NBC News poll last month indicated that “Republicans registered far more interest in the upcoming midterms than Democrats.”

The Daily Beast published an article over the weekend observing that Democrats are “losing the culture war by blindly pushing progressive ideals,” noting that it would be politically disastrous to dismiss culture war issues like COVID-19 shutdowns and critical race theory as “phony.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recommended that endangered Democrats recalibrate their strategy, warning that if they do not adequately respond to Republican criticisms, they will lose their control of Congress in November.

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