Carl Bernstein Calls Out 'Seditious Conspiracy' Of GOP

Carl Bernstein Calls Out 'Seditious Conspiracy' Of GOP

John Berman noted to Carl Bernstein that Jim Jordan will be part of the jury on the Jan. 6th commission.

“He’s also a potential witness, he’s — and every part of this, so you have a congressman who may be, A, involved, but, B, somehow involved in being the jury here,” he said.

“Let’s look at history. Let’s go back and look at the other seditious conspiracy, which was the Civil War, this was led by Jefferson Davis, a Democrat, a member of the Congress of the United States, we are seeing now in our modern history, in this period, an attempt so far successful in many regards, to undermine the very basis of who we are as a nation, as a United States of America,” Bernstein said.

“And it’s ongoing. There is a piece in The Atlantic magazine this month by Martin Gelman that outlines what the strategy of the Trumpist Republican party is. The Trump — it’s not a faction anymore. The Trump element in this country has gained control of a political party and is determined to undermine the whole notion of free elections in this country.”

“What I found truly revealing about that article is the success they have already had rhetorically there. I want to talk about the committee, about that they discovered and what might still be there. If you could find, you know, the magic piece of evidence, what would you be looking for now?” Berman asked.

“I’m not sure this is about a single smoking gun. This is about a matrix that has now been established and what is becoming one of the great investigations, despite the opposition of the Republican party to make sure that this investigation doesn’t happen. They are uncovering with these documents that you have put up here on the screen and read this morning, the nature, the specifics, and who the seditionist conspirators are, and their own words,” Bernstein said.

“We now know the location, to a certain extent, of the war room in the Willard Hotel, where the conspirators, not the president, the chief conspirator, but those in the Willard Hotel who were in touch with the president of the United States in this conspiracy. But I think we also have to look at something that is really unusual, and that is the hero fighting this conspiracy. Someday, maybe there will be a statue in Statuary Hall of Liz Cheney. This is really extraordinary. She is likely to lose her seat. She is standing between the successful continuation of our democracy and really the undermining of it in a way that we have never seen in our lifetimes.

“This is not about Watergate, where the system worked. The system worked in Watergate because courageous Republicans came forward and said, ‘The president of the United States is a criminal president. He has tried to undermine our electoral system, which is what Watergate was in large measure about, and we were not going to allow it,’ and that president had to leave office.

“That’s not happened here. What happened here is that one of the two political parties has been captured by the forces of sedition. And we have an opportunity in media, we really should have one major agenda, up until the election of 2024, and that is to reveal every aspect of this ongoing conspiracy and who the conspirators are, and they now include the leadership of the Republican party, the craven leadership, including Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, who are going along with this party of voter suppression. The Republican party has become a party of voter suppression instead of endorsing and encouraging free elections,” Bernstein said.

“A discussion for another time is whether Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy should be in the same bucket there,” Berman interrupted.

“No, but they allowed it,” Bernstein said.

“Their craven conduct. They’re not co-conspirators in the active sense of Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows et cetera. They have enabled it.”

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