Family Values, Nazi-Loving GOP Congressman Announces Divorce

Family Values, Nazi-Loving GOP Congressman Announces Divorce

I am shocked just typing these words: yet another GOP, family touting, Bible thumping, PRO-JESUS AND GUNS AND FREEDOM Congressman announced his separation from his wife.

This time it is freshman MAGA Congressman (Q-NC) Madison Cawthorn who just got married 8 months ago.

Ironically, his website has a banner that says “FAITH. FAMILY. FREEDOM.” Well, I guess his faith in marriage is gone. Family, also gone. Freedom from marriage, attained.

Now to be clear, no one should celebrate a divorce. That being said, Madison is a Hitler loving, 2nd Civil War stoking, teenage girl harassing, knife wielding, idiot who shirks his Congressional duties to serve as a “husband” to his “earthen vessel” of a wife. Or maybe not, since they are not staying married.

Madison Cawthorn is getting a divorce from his wife. So much for those good Christian values!

I guess being married to a psychopathic, Trump-loving Nazi isn’t super appealing. Only took 8 months to figure that out, eh?