Hannity Predicts Horrors If Law Enforcement Called On Canadian Truckers

Hannity Predicts Horrors If Law Enforcement Called On Canadian Truckers

Fox News host Sean Hannity gave a dire warning to the Canadian government if law enforcement takes action to end the blockade by right-wing Canadian truckers at the U.S.-Canadian border.

Joining Hannity were wingnuts Travis Clay and Jeanine Pirro, Republican anti-COVID trash who claim it’s not the pandemic that’s stopping the world from moving, but Pres. Joe Biden and P.M. Justin Trudeau for trying to protect their people from the COVID.

After Pirro and Clay gave a litany of grievances against mandates, they pledged their undying support to right-wing truckers who are disrupting trade and travel across the border. They paint the Biden and Trudeau administrations as totalitarian for wanting to protect people from the deadly virus by having them doing the simplest of things — getting vaccinated.

To close the segment, Hannity predicted violence if the cops were called in.

Hannity said, “If they dare send the military in, or cops, or law enforcement to arrest these guys, that’s on them. They will, whatever the result of that is — will be on them.”

In other words, if the Canadian government takes real action against these truckers, cities may burn. It won’t be the fault of any trucker who causes violence, but Trudeau for trying to get his economy back on track.

That’s a true form of fascism.

Trying to make these guys out to be heroes, Hannity, like an idiot said, “They even opened a lane to the bridge to Detroit so commerce can continue, they did that on their own.”

Wow. These f**kers are the ones causing havoc at the border. Then they were forced to open up a single lane, but that’s like opening up a pin prick compared to what’s needed in Canada and the U.S. And now, Hannity’s predicting violence if law enforcement is called stop these truckers from blocking U.S.-Canada border.

Fox News and right-wing pundits are using this obviously staged and paid-for Canadian anti-mandate protest to try to fuel and instigate something similar in the U.S. It’s reminiscent of what they did to Barack Obama in 2009, when they helped create the Tea Party protests, funded by deep-pocket conservatives like Koch brothers.

Trying to overturn a free and fair election, using campaign operatives to lie to the courts (who were all rebuked,) then having a (now-former) president cosigning and attempt to overthrow the government with a political coup at the U.S. Capitol — which turned into an insurrection, which was aided by many Republicans in Congress? That’s not considered totalitarianism at all by Republicans, because it’s all about them gaining and keeping power.

What is actually totalitarianism is the GOP using the pandemic to further inflame their viewers against any government trying to help its citizens survive during a pandemic.

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