SNL Ladies Night Out Skit Is Just Too Real

SNL Ladies Night Out Skit Is Just Too Real

Kim Kardashian actually impressed me with her acting chops, self deprecating humor and overall…likeability….during her hosting of the recent episode of Saturday Night Live. The skits were pretty funny, the top 2 being the Bachelor-esque “Token” ceremony and the Ladies Night Out clip. Confession: the last time I went to a club was in my early 30’s and 3 things happened: I spent time in the VIP section pulling bandaids out of my purse to help someone who had cut their finger on a chipped glass, I got hit on by some 19 year olds and felt really old and I dozed off on the sofa, completely sober, at around 11pm.

Ladies of twitter agreed:

This grown-ass woman can confirm this one is on point. (She says as she yawns and plans on firing up the foot massager.)

— Betsy Bozdech (@BetsyBoz) October 10, 2021

Ok I’m 37 and I’m exactly that way at the club 💃🏻😪

— betty (@bettyboop0022) October 10, 2021

Shout out to all the grown ass women who watch Saturday Night Live on Sunday morning.

— JoRoFoMo (@JoRoFoMo) October 10, 2021

So yes, this video is 100% hilariously spot on.

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