THE TANGO: VACCINE – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

THE TANGO: VACCINE – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Randy Rainbow just posted his first video in eight months. It’s a particularly clever take on anti-vaxxers and the whole politicization of the pandemic by you-know-who.

Source: Billboard

In his new video posted Monday (Feb. 7), Rainbow begins in yet another faux interview, this time with Vice President Kamala Harris, where he asks why the hell we’re still having to discuss the effectiveness of vaccines against the virus. When a clip of Harris plays explaining the Biden administration’s campaign for vaccination, Rainbow interjects, saying, “Good luck, because the messaging is all over the place — the far right is taking medical advice from Joe Rogan, and now this whole thing has been politicized on all sides.”

It’s then that the singer launches into “The Tango: Vaccine,” his own parody spin on “Tango: Maureen” from the 1996 smash-hit musical Rent. Throughout his campy performance, Rainbow bemoans the continued rise and fall and rise again of COVID-19 cases around the country. “Political schmoes fighting with science bros/ Has the country caught somewhere in between,” he sings. “And we don’t stand a chance/ While we’re stuck in this dance/ It’s called ‘The Tango: Vaccine.’”

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