Trump Screeches On Fox About Haberman's Book

Trump Screeches On Fox About Haberman's Book

Traitor Trump joined Fox and Friends weekend edition to scream and yell that Maggie Haberman’s book, “Confidence Man,” is totally “fake,” in which she reported Trump was flushing documents down the toilet.

Back in 2018, Omarosa had already reported that Trump routinely tore up documents, and even tried to eat some of them when he feared they would incriminate him.

Trump said, “Yeah it’s fake news, and she’s a fake writer. She got a Pulitzer Prize for Russia, Russia, Russia, and then they found out it was a hoax.”

As we all know, it wasn’t a hoax. Bill Barr built a wall around Trump, and Robert Mueller refused to prosecute him on any of ten potential obstruction charges, leaving it up to the craven Republicans who controlled the House at the time, who refused to do so.

“It’s a totally false story. She made it up. I don’t believe they have sources. Who is going to be a source for that anyway? Who would know that? There’s no source. They make it up,” Trump squawked.

Just like Trump made up the assertion that the election was stolen from him?

Trump then made the most ridiculous remark, saying “We have to get honest reporting.”

There ain’t no honesty at Fox ‘News.’

There ain’t no honesty spewing out of Trump’s mouth.

Trump’s like a murderer who claims he’s innocent, even after we watch a video of him repeatedly stabbing someone to death. Blood spattered all over his orange tinged face.

Knife in hand he yells, “It’s a hoax!”

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