While Claiming WI Vote Fraud, Trump Never Filed For Recount

While Claiming WI Vote Fraud, Trump Never Filed For Recount

New memos obtained by the New York Times appear to show the origin of the Trump campaign’s plan to create fake slate of electors to help overturn the election, Willie Geist said on Morning Joe.

“According to the Times, one memo issued 15 days after election day show how the campaign sought to buy itself more time to overturn the results. At the heart of the strategy, the Times reports, was the idea their real deadline was not December 14th when official electors would be chosen, but January 6th when Congress would meet to certify the results. The memos, according to the Times, initially were meant to address Trump’s challenge in Wisconsin, but ultimately became part of a broader strategy to pressure vice president Mike Pence to block the certification of Biden’s win.”

He noted that the Trump campaign did not bother to file for a Wisconsin recount.

“This is two weeks after the election, Donald Trump just explicitly according to the memos and his campaign, trying to put different people in place who would change the results of the vote.”

“I mean, it couldn’t be any more clear of Donald Trump’s intent here. It is such a scam, and Wisconsin reveals him for the scam artist that he is. Just like he was talking about rigged elections in the summer of 2020 when he knew he was going to lose the election, before — I mean six months before the election or five months before the election even took place,” Joe Scarborough said.

Scarborough points out Trump didn’t know what the results were going to be.

“He didn’t care what the results were going to be. He knew that he lost on election day, so the only thing he cared about — or he lost from the votes cast on election day and absentee ballots, and so he was — no matter what, he was just going to claim it was rigged and put up the necessary scam set of electors.”

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