Best Google Pixel Watch bands 2022

Best Google Pixel Watch bands 2022

The Google Pixel Watch is everything fans have been asking for and more. It’s only fitting that you pair such a fantastic smartwatch with one or two fantastic bands. We recommend getting a strap for sweaty workout sessions and another for everyday wear. If you’re feeling fancy, it won’t hurt to grab a Google Pixel Watch band for formal wear either. Here are your best picks to dress up your cutesy Google smartwatch.

Strap on these Google Pixel Watch bands

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Google Pixel Watch Woven Band

Staff Pick

Google’s Woven Band for the Pixel watch is resistant to both sweat and water exposure and it fits wrists measuring between 137mm to 203mm. Available in three lovely shades, this is a band that looks right at home in most settings, whether you’re at an office party or hitting the weights at the gym.

Google Pixel Watch Active Band


Are you pining for that pure made-by-Google aesthetic? There’s no better way to do it than getting the Pixel Watch Active Band. This fluoroelastomer band comes in fresh, bright, colorways to match the Pixel 7 series and boasts a lightweight build. You’ll be mesmerized by the soft coating on top, making the wear experience very comfortable.

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Ringke Google Pixel Watch Metal One Band

Premium steel

Ringke’s Metal One Band fits the Google Pixel Watch perfectly — a rare occurrence with third-party accessories. Available in silver and black, this luxurious stainless steel metal link band is stunning and elegant. Unfortunately, this band is hard to find in stock at the moment.

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Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather Band

On another level

Made of original Italian leather, the Crafted Leather Band is in a league of its own. No matter what color Pixel Watch you get, any of the four colorways pair incredibly well with the Google wearable. You can choose from the large and small size options.

Bkrtondsy Nylon Elastic Braided Pixel Watch Band

Flexible wristband

If you don’t like heavy bands that feel bulky and hot, get the Bkrtondsy Nylon Elastic Braided Pixel Watch Band. This band is lightweight and comfy, and you can easily adjust the strap since it stretches elastically. There are seven shades to choose from.

HASDON Metal Magnetic Band for Google Pixel Watch

Magnetic clasp

HASDON offers its Metal Magnetic Band for the Google Pixel Watch in three metallic shades. You get the usual black and silver hues, with the addition of a third rose gold shade to match the Pixel Watch’s Champagne Gold colorway. These mesh metal bands are held in place via magnetic clasps.

IDoris Leather Strap Set for Google Pixel Watch

All-in-one set

Get your hands on this high-quality leather band on the cheap for your Pixel Watch. It comes in four colorways and you get a protective film and a rhinestone case in the box. IDoris offers green, black, grey, and pink shades for the band.

TenCloud Soft Silicone Google Pixel Watch Band

Express yourself

Can’t find the right color to match your style? The TenCloud Soft Silicone Google Pixel Watch Band is available in seven bright colors including unusual shades such as purple, blue, orange, and pink. Since it’s made of silicone, this strap is breathable and water-resistant.

TenCloud Metal Link Band for Google Pixel Watch

Timeless alternative

Ringke’s metal link band is gorgeous, but it’s also hard to find. Sate your desire with the TenCloud Metal Link Band for the Google Pixel Watch instead. You can pick from black, silver, or rose gold colorways. The metal clasp is sturdy and you get helpful tools with the band.

Mix and match bands to compliment your Google Pixel Watch

Since Google opted for a propriety connector on the Pixel Watch band, your options aren’t as diverse as other Android smartwatches. Most of the best available Pixel Watch bands are first-party options but they are staggeringly expensive. There are only a few decent Pixel Watch bands from third-party sellers that are more budget-friendly. All things considered, you’re still left with some versatile bands that look stunning. Lucky for you, we’ve done your homework and gathered the cream of the crop right here.

Our top pick is the practical Google Pixel Watch Woven Band. Although it’s only available in a single size, its multipurpose design and robust make have won us over. Each colorway has subtle accents that give this Pixel Watch band an edge over the rest. The Woven Band is very comfortable and suitable for sensitive hands.

For professional settings, you should consider the Crafted Leather Band in all of its high-end glory. This luxurious band is incredibly classy, even if it isn’t resistant to the elements. If you value endurance, the Google Pixel Watch Stretch Band is a better match for your needs. Google offers the Stretch Band in plenty of colors and sizes, and it can withstand both sweat and water.

Those of you looking for metal link bands can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Google Pixel Watch Metal One Band. It fits the Pixel Watch perfectly and comes in two colors, silver and black. If you can’t find it in stock or need something cheaper, the TenCloud Metal Link Band is an excellent alternative. The connectors might not fit as snugly, but you pay close to nothing for it when compared to Ringke or Google’s own Pixel Watch bands. Not to mention, TenCloud offers its Metal Link Band in rose gold as well as silver and black.

You might have noticed that the first-party Metal Mesh Band and Metal Links Band are missing in action. That’s because these Pixel Watch straps aren’t due out until next spring, which is a long time to wait around.